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Product Description

Jump the line and reserve your spot to get a commission from Chad Hardin at the event you're attending.


Commission schedule will be organized based on your last day attending the event and is at Chad’s discretion. Event commissions are completed in ink and black and white (colour is not available). Chad reserves the right to refuse any work.


Event Commission Rates:


Sketch Cards:

Pencil = $20  |  Inked= $40 |  Color= $75


Head Shot:

Pencil = $120  |  Color= $240


1/2 Body:

Pencil = $160  |  Color = $320


Full Body:

Pencil = $240  |  Color = $480


+$50 For Celebrity Likeness


Please Note: If you want a sketchbook commission please supply a sketchbook as early as possible to ensure completion.

as low as $20.00
SKU: Event-Com
Event Pick-Up Only
Step 1: Select Format Size      
Step 2: Select Frame      
Step 3: Select Theme      
Step 4: Select Medium      
Step 5: Enter Character Name      
Step 6: Enter Description      
Step 7: Enter Email Address      
Step 8: Select Last Day Attending      
Option 1: Enter Celebrity Likeness      + $50.00